[Mailman-Users] ran fix_url.py but admin links still show asdefault domain

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Dec 9 01:57:03 CET 2004

R Richman wrote:

>After taking Mark's advice and running the withlist/fix_url command, I 
>got list#1 on example3.com and subsequent list on example.com to work 
>just fine.  Now I created a 2nd list for example3.com and I can still 
>log in using example3.com/mailman/admin. Problem is that I again run 
>into the issue with it linking to defaulthost.com instead of 
>example3.com.  It's the same virtual host as list 1 on example3.com 
>which works just fine so httpd.conf is setup fine, and mm_cfg.py is also 
>set for the same virtual host.  I have also run bin/mailmanctl and for 
>the sake of argument restarted apache to no avail.  Anyone have any 
>thoughts on what step am I missing? I would like to say I did everything 
>I should have done (and learned to do yesterday in setting up list 1 
><g>) . 

How did you create the list? Did you use the web or bin/newlist? Also,
I'm a bit confused about what you have in your virtual hosts
dictionary for example3.com. In the OP, you mentioned www.example3.com
and example3.com which I would assume is in mm_cfg.py in

add_virtualhost('www.example3.com', 'example3.com')

yet you refer above to the ability to login using
example3.com/mailman/admin. Presumably www.example3.com and
example3.com are the same IP address, but given the above
add_virtualhost() or equivalently just
add_virtualhost('www.example3.com'), they can't be used
interchangeably in creating lists.

>From the web, you must use http://www.example3.com/mailman/create to
create a list in the example3.com domain, and it will give an error if
you don't.

bin/newlist doesn't give an error, it just doesn't do what you want.
With bin/newlist you need to use listname at url-hostname to create the
list even though it liiks like an e-mail address and you think you
need to use listname at email-hostname.

Bottom line is if your add_virtualhost() is as I assume, you need to
create listname at www.example3.com with bin/newlist to get what you want.

You can fix it with fix_url as you did before or you can delete the
list and create it with the proper name.

Or maybe I don't understand in which case I need to know what's in
Defaults.py for DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and what's in
mm_cfg.py and how you created the list in order to know why it didn't

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