[Mailman-Users] follow up on adding fields to general list information page

brad brad at prudentproducts.com
Thu Dec 9 19:55:26 CET 2004

Thanks for Mark to his answer to this, that information was a big help too,
but my real question (I wasn't specific enough), is this:

Can additional fields (besides name, email, I would like to add "Title" and
"Company") be added to the General List Information page of a mailing list
and if so how?

But here is the key:

*** I don't want to just customize the look and feel of the page, I want
data that the users enter into new "title" and "company" fields be entered
and accessible in the Mailman database so that we can at least try to verify
that people who join the list are not competitors, and are truly our

In other words I want to add two fields to the <MM-Subscribe-Box> part of
the "General list information page". That page already has
<MM-Subscribe-Box> and a <mm-fullname-box> fields, I would like to somehow
add a <mm-jobtitle-box> and a <mm-company-box> and be able to access the
data that the customers enter for those field later on.

I guess the easiest way to do this would be for the customers to add text on
the page "Please put your name, title, and company in this field) above the
"name" <mm-fullname-box>, and then they would submit this data for the email
and name fields:

email at mail.com
John Doe, President, ABC Corp

But my boss would prefer not doing it that way. I am sure this is probably
possible modifying the python code, but I am looking for an easy way, if
possible, of doing this.



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