[Mailman-Users] List administrative commands through e-mail ?

Robert Hoekstra mailman at hoekstra.nu
Fri Dec 10 10:34:58 CET 2004


Is it possible for list administrators to send administrative commands
through e-mail? I know of member specific commands, but how extensive is
this possible for list administrative commands?

The point is that I want to set a large number of lists I maintain to
'private', so the archives aren't visible to non-members (This is just
one example, another would be to change admin password for the lists).
As I am not the only one creating lists, I want to be able to send out
an e-mail to each list to tell mailman to make the list private.
This would be way better than to log in to each and every mailing list
through the web interface and check for that option and set if need be.

With this I could be able to perform this task on a scheduled basis to
make sure all lists are marked private. I can also 'teach' everyone to
do this, but errors are easily made, this setting is easily forgotten,
and I currently have a history of a large amount of lists I have to

Alternatively, is there a way to approach mailman to set mailing lists
options for all lists in a convenient way?

Thanks in advance,

Robert Hoekstra.

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