[Mailman-Users] Poster not receiving his own posts

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Dec 10 20:14:17 CET 2004

Anthony Chavez wrote:
>I have a list subscriber who is not receiving his own posts.
>His configuration matches my own (and that of most other subscribers)
>one-to-one and I for one am receiving copies of my own posts.  We have
>subscribed and re-subscribed him multiple times, to no avail.

Presumably you are saying that others do receive his posts, only he
doesn't. If his settings contain "nodupes", is he possibly Ccing

>Checking my MTA (Postfix) logs, I see that no delivery is even being
>attempted for his own posts, but he does in fact receive posts from
>*other* senders.
>I would very much appreciate any advice on this issue.

Check the Mailman logs, post and smtp. The number of recipients in the
smtp log for a post should equal the number of non-digest subscribers
that aren't set to nomail minus the number of "avoided duplicates".
Careful examination/comparison of this should provide at least
circumstantial evidence of whether or not the post is being sent to
him by Mailman.

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