[Mailman-Users] Email command problems?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Dec 11 03:16:50 CET 2004

Charles Layno wrote:

>I have a 2.1.5 version up and running just fine except if someone tries to 
>subscribe via email, the system tells them they are already subscribed.

Does this apply to a subscribe command in mail to listname-request or
to mail to listname-join or listname-subscribe or all of these? If it
applies to a subscribe command does it apply whether or not the
subscribe command specifies an address?

The e-mail that reports "You are already subscribed!" contains a copy
of the subscribe request as received. Are the From: and Return-Path:
headers as expected in that message and not those of a subscriber?

>I have looked in the Admin interface and do not see anthing that might control 
>that and all I have found in the archives is talknig about admining the list 
>via email.
>Is this a problem or am I so dense, I can't see what I have screwed up?

We probably won't know the answer to that until we know why it happens.

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