[Mailman-Users] Very confusing Mailman README.POSTFIX on Virtual Domains

DJ Freak djfreak at beathustler.com
Sun Dec 12 01:06:18 CET 2004

Hello list

In an attempt to make my lists reachable at 
my-list at lists.doman1hostedonmyserver.com instead of 
my-list at mail.domain1hostedonmyserver.com AND in an attempt to set up 
my-friend's-list at lists.doman2hostedonmyserver.com, I have attempted to 
follow the Virtual Domain instructions in the Mailman README.POSTFIX.  
I find them very hard to follow so I thought I would ask some specific 
questions regarding these instructions here.

Next, in your mm_cfg.py file, you will want to set the variable
     POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS to the list of virtual domains that
     Mailman should update.  This may not be all of the virtual alias
     domains that your Postfix installation supports!  The values in
     this list will be matched against the host_name attribute of
     mailing lists objects, and must be an exact match.

No problem.  I did this.  It currently reads ['mail.beathustler.com', 
'beathustler.com'].  I would actually like to remove 
mail.beathustler.com eventually but right now that would kill all 
Mailman functionality so it stays.  I'm actually being told by the 
instructions to take out 'beathustler.com'.  Does that mean I take out 
'mail.beathustler.com' as well?

     Here's an example:

     Let's say I've set up Postfix to handle the virtual domains
     dom1.ain, dom2.ain, and dom3.ain.  Let's say further that in
     main.cf you've got the following settings:

         myhostname = mail.dom1.ain
         mydomain = dom1.ain
         mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain

I have mydestination commented out as I was instructed by one of the 
many sets of instructions I've been using.

         virtual_alias_maps =

Huh?  OK so we're in main.cf.  FIrst of all the order of this code is 
unbelievably critical.  You can't just say "add these lines to 
main.cf".  We need to know exactly where those lines go.  Second, where 
are those virtual-dom1 files going?  Are they going in ~mailman/data 
next to virtual-mailman or are they going in /etc/postfix next to the 
postfix virtual file?  Are those files meant to replace existing 
virtual files or do they reside in addition to them.  Do I keep my 
original main.cf code that references the original virtual and 
virtual-mailman files?  I think the README needs some more specific 
instructions there.

     Let's say further that in virtual-dom1, you've got the following

         dom1.ain  IGNORE
         @dom1.ain @mail.dom1.ain

     This tells Postfix to deliver anything addressed to dom1.ain to
     the same mailbox at mail.dom1.com, its default destination.

OK but does this work if I am routing each URL's mail to its own local 
UNIX user as set in the Postfix Virtual file?

     In this case you would not include dom1.ain in
     POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS because otherwise Mailman will write
     entries for mailing lists in the dom1.ain domain as

         mylist at dom1.ain         mylist
         mylist-request at dom1.ain mylist-request
         # and so on...

OK so I will pull ['beathustler.com'] when I set up the 
beathusltler.com-virtual file.

     The more specific entries trump your more general entries, thus
     breaking the delivery of any dom1.ain mailing list.

     However, you would include dom2.ain and dom3.ain in mm_cfg.py:

         POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS = ['dom2.ain', 'dom3.ain']

     Now, any list that Mailman creates in either of those two domains,
     will have the correct entries written to

Wait a minute, why am I treating 'dom2.ain' and 'dom3.ain' differently? 
  Aren't they all just domains.  Aren't I building dom2.ain-virtual and 
dom3.ain-virtual the exact same way I did for dom1?  Why would I code 
those domains differently?  I'm assuming the directions are going under 
the assumption that dom1 is the host IP's reverse look-up - 
www.beathustler.com in my case.  Is that what's differentiating 1 from 
2, 3 etc.?

     As above with the data/aliases* files, you want to make sure that
     both data/virtual-mailman and data/virtual-mailman.db are user and
     group owned by the `mailman' user/group.  So to get things
     started, set up your virtual domains, run bin/genaliases, and
     check the ownerships of the files.  From here on out, you should
     be good to go.

./check_perms right?  I guess that means the virtual-mailman files stay 
where they are.

Then there is a link to a site which suggests that I can use 
mailman-postfix.py which I feel able to do however it tells me to put 
mail.doman.com in my relay domains line in main.cf which I was told to 
leave commented out before.  Does this mean I need to undo all virtual 
domains code including virtual-mailman which I perviously entered in 
order to use the mailman-postfix method?

Thanks very much for any help on this.

-Evan Miller

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