[Mailman-Users] Need some help decoding this error code

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Dec 13 13:18:45 CET 2004

At 3:59 AM -0800 2004-12-13, DJ Freak wrote:

>  I have done the ./configure, make, and make install routine every time
>  and still the machine says it's at Python 2.2.  What am I missing here?

	I'm not aware of any GUI installer for Python, but make sure that 
your paths are correct, and that you're picking up the right version. 
How you do this will depend on what shell you're running, but you 
need to know where the various versions are installed, and which 
order they are found in your path.

	For example, /usr/bin/python might be version 2.2, but 
/usr/local/bin/python might be version 2.3.4.

	It may also be that the new version is installed in the correct 
place, and you simply haven't told your shell to update its concept 
of what binaries are installed where.  A simple "rehash" command may 
be required to pick up the more recent version.  Or closing that 
window and opening a new one may do the trick.  Or maybe logging out 
and logging back in again.  There are many different ways to skin 
this cat, depending on the precise nature of the problem.

	But path issues, picking up the right version, etc... is getting 
more into standard Unix commands and familiarity with your shell, and 
are not problems with Mailman per se.

	In this case, I'd recommend the books "MacOS X: The Missing 
Manual, Panther Edition" (see 
<http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/macxmmpanther/>) and "Learning Unix 
for MacOS X Panther" (see 

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