[Mailman-Users] integrated web server?

Steven Jones Steven.Jones at vuw.ac.nz
Tue Dec 14 22:53:31 CET 2004

The question would be, why would you wish to do this? 

Though in effect this is what I do, except I have 3 sendmail instances on three servers.

I have an incoming smtp server, an outgoing smtp server and a list server, all run sendmail (actually the first 2 servers are clustered but lets not go there).

The incoming smtp server re-routes email of the form list at lists.example.com to the lists server, otherwise the mail user at example.com gets sent to the exchange server.

Outgoing lists are directed to the outgoing smtp server using the smarthost feature in sendmail and the mailertable feature to direct any internal email from a list to the exchnage server to save passing through the in/out smtp servers.

The lists server runs apache and is exposed to the Internet allowing web subscription.


aka thing 

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Do the web based subscribe and un-subscribe and searchable archive features 
have to sit on the same server as the mail server (sendmail)?
In other words I don't have Apache installed on my email server. How hard 
is it to separate the two and use Mailman?

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