[Mailman-Users] VERP Frustration

DJ Freak djfreak at beathustler.com
Wed Dec 15 07:15:36 CET 2004

Hi List

I am frustrated to find that both confirmation and invitation emails  
are getting thrown into my junk mail (and probably into the junk mails  
of many of my future subscribers) because they contain for example  
confirm+d14b13c1019373d8bfd6e09aafb91b541ed4c0c8 at mail.beathustler.com  
which looks like junk to most email programs.  So I understand that  
Verp must be enabled and set up to hide this garble from the email apps  
(for confirmations too I hope).

Here's what I have done:

1.  Added


to Defaults.py

2.  Added


to mm_cfg.py

3.  Added

default_verp_delimiters = +=
verp_delimiter_filter = -+=
authorized_verp_clients = $mynetworks

to /etc/postfix/main.cf

Anything scream wrong there?  Am I forgetting a step?  Restarted  
mailman and Postfix but still confirmations and invites come in with  
all that junk in the replies.

Thanks for any help.


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