[Mailman-Users] global change of forward_auto_discards using withlist

Sean sean at sweetbourbon.com
Wed Dec 15 13:40:34 CET 2004

>I would like to change all mly 500+ lists so that the
>forward_auto_discards is set to 'No'. I assume that the best way to do
>this is utilizing the 'withlist' utility. I have only used this utility
>to change the URL for my lists.
>Has anyone done this and could you give me some tips?
>Christopher Adams

Run this using withlist with the -a option so it runs it on all 500+ of
your lists:

# more nonmember_discard.py
from Mailman import mm_cfg

def nonmember_discard(m):
    m.forward_auto_discards = False



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