[Mailman-Users] Odd Reply-To behavior

Michael Owings mikey at swampgas.com
Wed Dec 15 16:44:00 CET 2004

I've checked for the answer to this one in the archives with no luck 
thus far; I'm hoping someone here can help.

I've just recently installed mailman 2.1.5 (r2) on a GenToo box.

Everything works as advertised, except that ALL messages coming from a 
particular list seem to have my email address either prepended (if I 
have the list configured so that reply-to is set to the list name), or 
if the reply-to is configured to be the sender, then ONLY my email 
address will appear in the Reply-To header.

For example, assuming a list called 'somelist' with the reply option set 
to list, the Reply-To header will be set as follows:

Reply-To: <my email address>, somelist at xxx.com

If the reply option is set to 'sender', then Reply-To will always be set 
as follows:

Reply-To: <my email address>

In the latter case, the sender address doesn't get set into Reply-To.

I have tried this with a couple of lists, changing the list owner name 
for each one; the email address that gets set in Reply-To is always MY 
address, not the list owner address.

I'm using mailman with postfix 2.1.5, if that helps.

Any ideas would be appreciated, or pointers on what to check. Thanx very 
much in advance -- Mikey
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