[Mailman-Users] Odd Reply-To behavior

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Dec 16 05:20:04 CET 2004

Michael Owings wrote:
>Sorry -- my paragraph was unclear. It is not just one list that has this 
>problem, but any list I create.
>Your answer was helpful, however -- if I set this option to yes, then my 
>email address is not added to the header, and everything works as expected.
>The odd thing was that even when the source email was from a completely 
>different account (say a yahoo account), my  local email address was 
>always added when the message was resent to the list recipients.
>Anyway, thanx -- setting first_strip_reply_to to YES seemed to fix things.

Stripping the Reply-To: fixes the immediate problem you were having,
but it doesn't fix the underlying problem, and it is a bad idea in

It is a bad idea in general because a user may send a post with a
Reply-To: which is different than From: and which may be required for
that user to receive a reply. For more on this, see for example

The underlying problem in your case appears to be that somehow in the
processing that delivers mail from your incoming MTA to Mailman, a
Reply-To: you header gets added to the message. The real solution is
to figure out where and why this is happening and fix it there.

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