[Mailman-Users] Moderator Access

John Fleming john at wa9als.com
Thu Dec 16 15:31:36 CET 2004

> The moderator needs to go to the admindb URL, not the admin URL, i.e
something like

> http://www.example.com/mailman/admindb/list-name

Is there a way for a moderator to do membership management via the web
interface, or is this only available to the list owner?  I don't see a way
via the .../admindb/list-name page and the moderator can't login to the
/admin/list-name page.  I thought that in the past when I was a moderator on
someone else's Mailman list, that I could do membership management via the
web.  Now I can't figure out how to set that up.  I have established a
moderator email and moderator password.

Thanks - John

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