[Mailman-Users] Global Font Change

DJ Freak djfreak at beathustler.com
Thu Dec 16 20:28:57 CET 2004

Hello LIst

I have read the Readme's and I have done about a thousand internet 
searches and I cannot find the code for changing the Font globally for 
my entire Mailman Web Interface.  Obviously I am able to change some 
global settings in Defaults.py but not global font.  Anybody know how 
to do this?  I have tried many different combos of FONT_FACE = 
['arial'] and WEB_FONT = ['arial'] in both Defaults.py as well as 
mm_cfg.py with no luck.  Same question for the Font color.

Thanks very much for the ongoing support.  I really appreciate it.

-Evan Miller

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