[Mailman-Users] After reboot "Uncaught bounce notification"

Franco, Ruben rufranco at utep.edu
Fri Dec 17 23:01:59 CET 2004

	We are running Mailman 2.1.5 under RedHat ES 3.0.  Today, we
rebooted our Listserv server, and after boot up the following messages
starting being sent over and over again:

"From: mailman-bounces at listserv.utep.edu
[mailto:mailman-bounces at listserv.utep.edu] 
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 11:23 AM
To: mailman-owner at listserv.utep.edu
Subject: Uncaught bounce notification

The attached message was received as a bounce, but either the bounce
format was not recognized, or no member addresses could be extracted
from it.  This mailing list has been configured to send all unrecognized
bounce messages to the list administrator(s).

For more information see:

I went to the "Bounce processing" section and changed,

"Should Mailman send you, the list owner, any bounce messages that
failed to be detected by the bounce processor?" 

to "NO" and that seems to have stopped flooding my mailbox with these
messages, but I have a few questions.

What caused this to occur after the reboot? 
Will this happen every time we reboot the server?
Is this being sent out to all list Owners/Administrators of all our

Any light that can be shed on this issue will be appreciated.


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