[Mailman-Users] Single user's mail delayed ONLY to list

blindman jones erleichda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 17:54:37 CET 2004

I am using a mail list through a service provider, so I need some help
with what questions to ask...

I have a list, 10 users... 9 users send mail to list and their mail is
sent out in minutes and all 10  users get the mail from the list... no
problem. The 10th user sends a mail to the list and it is not sent
back out to the list for 4-10 hours. Mail sent to anyone else in the
world by the 10th user gets sent and delivered in minutes.

We have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing his email to the list...
doesn't help.

I have looked through every possible option in the admin interface and
we are stumped.

Why would ONLY one users mail be delayed when sending to the list?

What questions do I ask my service provider to get the information
needed to figure this out?

I know this is not a lot of info to get an immediate answer... but I
need to figure this out... it is quite annoying and has left our
friend frustrated.

oh, and he and i have a second list on the same server and he sends
one mail to the first list and then another to the second... the
second list gets his post in minutes the first, again... is delayed
for hours.

What is even more frustrating is that it is not consistant...
occasionally, the list likes him and his mails get posted in minutes.
michael jones * erleichda archiving * usa

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