[Mailman-Users] Two Questions

Bob Escher bescher at rsegroup.com
Wed Dec 22 15:55:03 CET 2004

Good Morning all
I have two questions and both of them are probably where
I can't find them.

I am looking for the FAQ on how to be able to change
the subscription page and other pages according to to the website that it is
I have 8 lists and 5 of them belong to different domains and website. I
like to customize each subscription page (and any other page a subscriber
might see)
to be the same as the web pages are.

Where do I find out how to install the HTML feature for the Archieves
and customize those for each domain(If I can't customize each one that is OK
as well)as
long as the archieves are in HTML.

I found the documentation for  MHonArc very lacking


Bob Escher

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