[Mailman-Users] Unistalling Mailman & upgrade

david gordon davidg at goraich.co.uk
Thu Dec 23 10:14:48 CET 2004

I'd like to upgrade from 2.0.13 to the latest Mailman (2.1.5?). I've
looked at the docs for doing this but wonder if I might be better
deleting my current install and starting afresh. This (I hope) would
solve a problem with my archive and the fact that admin messages come
from the wrong host address (we moved host & I have tried fixing this...).

I can't see anything in the FAQs about this, what do I need to delete
(apart from the obvious!).

Which files do I need to save in order to keep my membership list and
password combinations? I'm assuming I can drop these files into my new
install and subscribers will carry on as usual.

Its taken that I will have to close the list while I do this but this
seems a good time of year to do so.

Thanks for any advice.

(OTOH if anyone want to offer to upgrade for me, what's your fee?)

David Gordon

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