[Mailman-Users] Common admin password

Detlef Neubauer detlef.neubauer at charite.de
Tue Feb 3 13:32:54 CET 2004

Arpadffy Zoltan <zoltan.arpadffy at essnet.se> writes:

> I ran successfully mailman 2.0.x and I decided to upgrade to 2.1.4. Upgrade
> went very well and seems it is functional, but I miss very much the common
> administrative password. The old one does not work and as a mailman host
> admin I lost the possibility to manage/help to list admins without knowing
> their passwords.

The behavoir is the same.

> Is there any possibility to restore or introduce a common admin password
> functionality as in 2.0 versions?

Log in as user mailman and use mmsitepass to set your mainpassword.

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