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I am new to mailman and to UNIX so forgive any stupidity here.  I have
set up mailman to run several Listserv's.  I created a new list called
"test" to learn with.  It seemed to go well, I am able to created the
list and to set it up via the web.  It will mail me a confirmation of
the created list and send me a link back to it.  However, when I have
had several people try to subscribe and send a message to the list.
They can subscribe and they get a confirmation, but then cannot send to
the list.  Can someone tell me what I need to check to cure the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Michael W. Crume

Systems Analyst III

UAMS Library - Technical Services

(501) 686-8822

crumemichaelw at uams.edu

You need to add the list information to the alais file in order for it to
work.  When you create a new list, it shows you the information needed.


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