[Mailman-Users] Mail problem

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Tue Feb 3 14:23:39 CET 2004

03-Feb-04 at 08:19, Jerry Feldman (gaf at blu.org) wrote :
> Did you set up the aliases correctly? What MTA are you using. The format
> of the aliases for Sendmail and for Postfix are slightly different, and
> for postfix, you must remove the colons (:). Other than that they are
> the same. 

>From the Postfix aliases man page

  "The input and output file formats are expected to be compatible with
  Sendmail version 8, and are expected to be suitable for the use as NIS

... and later ...

  · An alias definition has the form

        name: value1, value2, ...

So you don't need to remove the colons at all. Indeed, the format is not
different at all. Unless, of course, Postfix has changed file format in
the last few months (Ralf, you still reading Postfix-Users? Has the
alias format changed?).


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