[Mailman-Users] error running change_pw

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Feb 3 21:51:11 CET 2004

    Chris>      I get the following error when I run change_pw

    Chris>   File "./change_pw", line 90
    Chris>     print >> fd, _(__doc__)
    Chris>            ^
    Chris> SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    Chris> I am unsure as to which version of mailman I have installed.  I
    Chris> also looked at upgrading to the most recent version, but my
    Chris> Redhat 7.3 system has a python interpeter that is to old.

Looks that way.  RH 7.3 comes with Python 1.5.2 which definitely doesn't
have the print >> fd gimmick.  I believe Mailman needs at least 2.1.  Just
download the Python 2.3.3 tarfile, extract it and execute

    make install

from the toplevel directory of the distribution.  (The last step will
probably need to be run as root.)

I think you'll need to reinstall Mailman after that with something like

    export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
    make clean
    make install

I think that will get the #! lines adjusted to refer to
/usr/local/bin/python instead of /usr/bin/python.

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