[Mailman-Users] Installation Help needed

Shad Young shad at ascendant.ca
Wed Feb 4 00:32:42 CET 2004

Hello again all,

I am in dire need of some installation help using MM 2.14  for a Mandrake 9.1
system using postfix and apache 2.

Everything seems to be installed correctly; web interface works, mail seems
to go to the right place... but for some reason MM is refusing to send out
mail (no admin notices, no subscription confirmations, nada. I am getting no
error logs, no bounces, nothing to help me figure out why.

If you can help with this I would much appreciate it, and I can also pay a
small amount to help cover your time.

Shad Young -- shad at ascendant.ca
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - H.S. Thompson
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