[Mailman-Users] Re: AOL Bounce action notification

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Wed Feb 4 21:59:36 CET 2004

At 11:03 AM 2/4/2004, you wrote:
>Does anyone know why I am getting a "4.0.0 server refused mail service"
>message from AOL? My Mailman is a very straightforward setup.

      Never had one of those, and I have a lot of AOL users.  My first 
guess would be some spam rejection system.  AOL resets their proprietary 
open relays and proxies lists daily, do maybe that, explains why resetting 
the accounts results in mail for a while.
      Head over to the AOL postmaster site and go from there 
http://postmaster.info.aol.com/trouble/index.html .

<>< Paul

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