[Mailman-Users] Reply to list

Mark Dadgar mark at pdc-racing.net
Thu Feb 5 22:39:19 CET 2004

On Feb 5, 2004, at 12:09 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:
>>  Additionally, a lot of folks don't want a private copy plus one to
>>  the list - and done as the author suggests there is no quick and
>>  easy way to send to the list only.
> 	Related to what you reference below, if you want to reply to just the 
> list, all you have to do is hit "reply-all", and then delete the 
> addresses you don't want.  That's even simpler than "cut-n-paste", 
> because there's no "paste" part to that operation.

You just told me in a previous email that some people cannot edit the 
To: line on a reply.  So which is it?

>>       Bottom line, I can understand that there was a time when
>>  reply to author made sense for a lot of lists, but I don't think
>>  that is the case anymore.
> 	I disagree.  I've been doing this sort of stuff for fifteen years, 
> and I've been using e-mail and the Internet for twenty.

Then we have at least equivalent experience.  Except that I appear to 
live in the real world and you live in a techy vacuum.  There is 
nothing wrong with that, mind you, as long as you realize that the 
assumptions you make about people's usage patterns are colored by the 
people you interact with.

Chuq made the point that he had done exhaustive research on the way 
people use this stuff.  The fallacy he has unknowningly fallen into, 
and you have as well, is that the behaviour of the software needs to be 
tailored to the user base.  There is no single case that solves all 

However, you are advocating a reduction in choices by doing away with 
Reply To List.  And in my experience it just is not as big a problem as 
you people think.

The poster (Paul?) who said it's probably appropriate for 100 person 
lists but not for 20K person lists was right on the money.

- Mark, ex-resident of the techy vacuum
mark at pdc-racing.net

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