[Mailman-Users] personalization - take 2 solved !

Paulo Dinis paulo.dinis at paulodinis.com
Fri Feb 6 00:41:48 CET 2004

Hello to all,

As suggested on a pior post, I´ve contacted my webhost technical support and I can now customize in the non-digest pages the personalization. ( I do not have the access needed to perform the correction ). Thank´s for the help specially Tod.
However I´m still having a  problem with Portuguese language. The text used in several "text field " comes unreadable.
Exemple : 
Altere a sua inscrição neste local : http://paulodinis.com/mailman/options/forum_paulodinis.com/paulo.dinis%40paulodinis.com
Should come list this "Altera a sua inscrição (...)"
All auto-response comes like this. How can I solve this ? Any Portuguese fellow have the same problem ?

Thank´s, Paulo Dinis
Non technical user

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Paulo Dinis wrote:
> As suggested, the only 3 options available are:
> 1 - Can subscribers choose to receive mail immediately, rather than
> in batched digests?
> 2 - Header added to mail sent to regular list members
> 3 - Footer added to mail sent to regular list members
> None is available to turn on/off the option to "The section states:
> "Should Mailman personalize each non-digest delivery? "

You'll have to get the admin for your server to allow list owners to
enable personalization.  This is done by adding:


to $prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py (where $prefix is the path where mailman
was installed).  Once that's done and the qrunners are restarted, you
should have the extra option to enable personalization for your list.

> I´m using cpanel and version 2.1.3.

Ugh.  Have fun.  Ask them to give you the source code changes for the
GPL code they are distributing.  It's fun.  They just ignore you like
the GPL means nothing.  Wonderful people, those cPanel folks are.

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