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Mark Dadgar mark at pdc-racing.net
Fri Feb 6 02:00:21 CET 2004

On Feb 5, 2004, at 4:09 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:
>>  At the end of the day, though, it doesn't really matter what
>>  the size of the list is, PROVIDED that you can tailer the
>>  software appropriately to your intended use.  You are
>>  advocating making that impossible.
> 	No, I'm not.  I am not advocating that this feature be removed from 
> Mailman.  I am advocating that this feature be left turned off, unless 
> an experienced administrator (who fully understands the issues 
> involved) decides that it is necessary for their particular purpose. I 
> can't imagine what that is, and I am kind of hesitant to give people 
> tools to shoot their feet off casually, but I do recognize that there 
> might be situations where it could be useful.

So what are we arguing about?!

> 	However, from what I've seen from you so far, you do not have enough 
> experience to fully understand all the issues.

Oh yeah, that.

>>  I love arguments like that.  Nonsensical, but completely irrefutable.
> 	Obviously, you haven't lost a job over situations like this. Until 
> something of that scale happens to you, you may well not understand.

You have just reset my personal bar in the field of arrogance.  
Congratulations - it's quite an accomplishment.

This has also become very boring, as I imagine the rest of the list 
found out multiple emails ago.

Your mind is set.  It must be very confining in there.

I'm done.

- Mark
mark at pdc-racing.net

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