[Mailman-Users] genaliases and templates problem

Ako Ito allan at lxd1.asiandevbank.org
Fri Feb 6 02:55:40 CET 2004

hello sirs,
how can i add an entry whenever genaliases is executed it can add a field below with the unsub field..
in 2.1.3 i manually add it on the aliases file and upon issuing genaliases, but upon upgrading to 2.1.4
whenever i execute the genaliases script.. all manually added line on the aliases file gets discarded.. :-(

example:             "|mailman post example"
example-admin:       "|mailman admin example"
example-bounces:     "|mailman bounces example"
example-confirm:     "|mailman confirm example"
example-join:        "|mailman join example"
example-leave:       "|mailman leave example"
example-owner:       "|mailman owner example"
example-request:     "|mailman request example"
example-subscribe:   "|mailman subscribe example"
example-unsubscribe: "|mailman unsubscribe example"
example-unsub:       "|mailman leave example"

what do i need to edit to generate the extra line above..
and lastly.. they say that on mailman 2.1 templates can be
configured per mailing list as opposed to the 2.0 version which
whatever templates you edit it applies to all list.. how can i
implement this... can i just copy the $mailman/templates/en on
all mailing list and edit each templates per mailing list?


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