[Mailman-Users] QMail, Gentoo, and Mailman?

Tom and Denise Caudron caudron at digitalelite.com
Fri Feb 6 15:06:01 CET 2004

I'm running Gentoo on my server (just a personal home server) and I've
installed QMail 1.03-r8 to handle smtp for the LAN.  This has worked
perfectly for a while now.  I have been using a provider to handle the
POP side of my mail for reasons of reliability (I don't want a power
outage on my end to mean bounced messages for everyone trying to reach
me).  My previous host allowed me to set up mailing lists on their end
(Mindospring) but I changed over to 1and1 and they do not offer a
similar service so I decided to set up a mailing list service on my home
server so I installed Mailman 2.1.4 on the same box as my QMail setup.

Here're my questions:

1) I want to be able to set up a "MyList at MyDomain.com" mail account on
the provider's side and let Mailman check it and treat it like a mailing
list on my side.  Is it possible to tell mailman to use remote pop
accounts or must I be running a local pop service?

2) None of the primary Gentoo maintainers for Mailman seem to be using
QMail.  Therefore, when I emerged it I found myself loking at
documentation that is mostly for people with different smtp services
running.  I am profoundly lost.  I've never set up a mailing list
service before.  Can anyone point me to a decent how-to for QMail and

So far, I've added the mailman default aliases to the /etc/mail/aliases
file.  I could not, however, run newaliases, since apparently QMail
doesn't install /usr/bin/newaliases.  That would be installed if I were
using ssmtp or something else, but as you all probably know, QMail does

I don't care about web presenses for the lists, or archives even.  I
just need the ablility to check a pop account and forward it like a
mailing list (and of course alter the headers so that it acts like a
mailing list as well).  Is Mailman too much for what I need?  Seems
pretty powerful (and cool) so it was the one I wanted to install, but
I'd hate to triple my work if there's a less powerful, but simpler and
more approriate app out there.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.  I really haven't a clue
what I'm doing here.  :-)

-Tom Caudron

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