[Mailman-Users] QMail, Gentoo, and Mailman?

Tom and Denise Caudron caudron at digitalelite.com
Fri Feb 6 16:24:38 CET 2004

Simon White said, "You need fetchmail. It will go to a POP mailbox, get
the mail, rewrite addresses as needed, and forward it to your local SMTP
server which will have aliases for Mailman."

Thanks.  That's just what I was hoping to hear.  Can anyone point me to
any docs that talk about that process at all?  I'm sure it's relatively
simple, but after all the conf files I've stared at this morning, I'm
starting to get a bad case of Jumbled-Brain and I'd like a nice how-to. 

Simon White said, "I don't know qmail, can't help you here. I could
flippantly say emerge postfix instead, but that's not helping you any."

You'd be surprised.  I'm unmerging qmail and I'll be emerging postfix. 
You aren't the only one to say that postfix is far easier to use with
mailman and while I like qmail, i ain't married to it.

Like above, if anyone knows of a good how-to for setting up postfix with
mailman, please feel free to pass it along.  :-)

-Tom Caudron

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