[Mailman-Users] procmail and file permissions

Saurav Pathak saurav at sas.upenn.edu
Fri Feb 6 22:26:36 CET 2004

Hi all,

I am using procmail to pre-process messages before they hit Mailman.
I doing it the way it is suggested in the FAQ
(spamassassin+mailman).  I am unsure what the permissions and
ownerships for the procmailrc should be.  At the moment the file is
world readable and owned by root.mailman.  If i change the ownership
to mailman.mailman, I get the following error:

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
"|/usr/bin/procmail -m MAILMAN=list /var/mailman/filters/procmailrc"
    (reason: Can't create output)
    (expanded from: <list at somedomain.com>)
   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
procmail: Suspicious rcfile "/var/mailman/filters/procmailrc"
procmail: Couldn't read "/var/mailman/filters/procmailrc"
550 5.0.0 "|/usr/bin/procmail -m MAILMAN=list /var/mailman/filters/procmailrc"... Can't create output

I don't understand why the rcfile should be suspicious, or that it
should be unreadable (it is world readable).  The procmail I think
runs as user "mail". Should I then chown procmailrc to mail.mail?
As also the files and mboxes procmail writes to?

Your suggestions and comments are very welcome.  I am using Mailman
2.1.1 on a Redhat 9 box.  Procmail 3.22.


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