[Mailman-Users] Some config questions

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Sun Feb 8 10:32:26 CET 2004

Just started using mailman (2.1.4) and can't find good answers for the 
following questions in the documentation. They may have been answered 
already on this list, but unfortunately the archive isn't searchable.

1. how to make a "one-way" mailing-list for sending out newsletters to 
customers etc.? One way which works seems to set it on "emergency 
moderation". However, this means that still all list members can send to 
the list and the message is piled up for approval. I would like to have 
all messages rejected right-away except those coming from certain  
specified addresses. (and these few would need to get approved 
additionally, of course.) I'm used to this system from Majordomo. Is there 
a way to do this? 

2. how can I set a list to not reveal *any* information about itself? I 
think I used all ways the web interface provides, but a member of a list 
will still get a response to "info". 

3. same question for the "lists" command. The list is gone from 
https://domain.tld/mailman/listinfo and /admin (I guess that's "advertised 
= no"), but a "lists" command still shows it as one of the public 
mailing-lists available on the server, with all data the lists command 
usually reveals. Is that a bug?

4. I'm able add a "virtual host" and create a new mailing list for it via 
web interface which will only show in the listinfo if entered via the 
matching virtual host. However, I don't seem to be able to achieve the 
same for already existing lists via web interface. Setting the host_name 
doesn't seem to have an effect for this.

5. are there config files in human readable format? I can only find some 
pck files which seem to be in binary format.




Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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