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John Buttery john at io.com
Sun Feb 8 11:59:09 CET 2004

* Paul H Byerly <paul at thcwd.com> [2004-02-05 12:27:00 -0600]:
> Mailman does not destroy the original senders identify or e-mail, so
> this part of the argument is moot.

  OK, I promise this will be my last post on this topic unless someone
posts to me by name in non-quoted text, but I just had to set this
straight.  For the purposes of this response I'm assuming that instead
of "Mailman" you mean "Setting reply-to-list" and instead of "identify"
you mean "identity":

  This is false.  I'd like to put it more diplomatically, but I really
do think it's important that everyone clearly understands this point.
Whether or not a portion of the sender's identity, which in some cases
is vitally important, is deleted is not what's being discussed here.
Information _is_ being deleted; the discussion concerns whether or not
it should be considered important that it's being deleted.
  (The other point people seem to be bringing up is that forgetting to
edit your own recipients blows up in your face much larger with r-t-l
than with r-t-s.  Personally if I were going to post about my mistress'
special fantasies, my collection of Cuban cigars, or the pink lingerie I
keep hidden in my underwear drawer next to the leaked corporate memos
I'm about to send to indymedia.org, I would triple-check the recipient
addresses anyway before sending in _any_ case.  Wait, did I just say all
that out loud?)

  I used to be a big holy war guy, but I had to give up on the emacs/vi,
Linux/FreeBSD, Debian/everything_else battles because eventually you
have to realize that both sides are right.  I don't see this as one of
those times; all the arguments for reply-to-list just seem to boil down
to either ignorance, inertia, or occasionally just downright laziness.
For the latter two, well, get off your butt.  :)  For the former, the
correct solution to ignorance is education, not making your ignorance
someone else's problem.

  John  ! The problem with pointing to the Nazis or the Gestapo
 Buttery! exclusively is that it allows us the safety of saying, "Well,
www.io.c! it happened just there, and only once, *we* could never fall
om/~john! for that."
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