[Mailman-Users] fetchmailrc and Mailman

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Sun Feb 8 23:57:27 CET 2004

Tom Caudron schrieb:

> # mailinglist2 mailing list
> poll pop.MyMXDomain.com protocol pop3
>         username mailinglist2uid with         #list address
>         password secretword, is mailman here;

That means you send ALL mail from your POP3-boxes to the Account
"mailman" at your home server (which is, AFAIS, the "mailman" site

That is quite probably NOT what you want.

> When I sent a mail from a member's email account to one of the lists he
> is one, it never makes it to the list.

Of course.

> I can see that fetchmail has grabbed it and given it to mailman,

The mail is sent to mailman at localhost, because that is what you told
fetchmail to do - but it SHOULD be sent to your-list at localhost; and
there will be mail that should be sent to your-list-request at localhost
and so on.

> Rechecking things, I have verified that the address in quesiton is a
> member of the list. 

On *which* list?

You sent all mail to the list "mailman at localhost". Mailman cannot
guess where you want your mail to go - you'll have to send it there.
: )

If you have a list named "tom", you'll have that mail to be sent to
"tom at localhost", NOT "mailman at localhost".

> Any idea why it would treat a member as a
> non-member under the setup I've described?

Yes. :)

> Secondly, as this if the first time I've done this, it would be nice to
> get some feedback on the fetchmailrc file I detailed above.  Is this
> what it's supposed to look like when I have multiple lists running on
> this box?

No, of course not.


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