[Mailman-Users] fetchmailrc and Mailman

Tom Caudron caudron at digitalelite.com
Mon Feb 9 01:13:09 CET 2004

Thomas Hochstein said, "That means you send ALL mail from your
POP3-boxes to the Account "mailman" at your home server (which is,
AFAIS, the "mailman" site list).  [...]  If you have a list named "tom",
you'll have that mail to be sent to "tom at localhost", NOT
"mailman at localhost"."

Exactly what I needed to know!  Thanks!  That worked perfectly.

I do have one small problem that arose directly after this, though.

I got the whole thing working with the existing lists, tested them and
everything is fine.  Then I added one more list (using
/usr/local/mailman/bin/newlist) and that list seems to be working
perfectly too except that no mail every gets anywhere!

If a member sends to the new list, the mail is received and added to the
archives, and everything is fine, but no member ever gets a message. 
The other lists work and sends mail to subscribers so it seems like
postfix is working.  Also, adding a member to that new list works, but
the new member never gets a subsciption welcome message either.  It's
like this one list just refuses to send mail.

Anyone have an idea as to what would cause one list to act that way?

-Tom Caudron

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