[Mailman-Users] Mail Queue

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Mon Feb 9 06:04:15 CET 2004

David A Boothe:

> Ok but what are the YN, etc in front of each address?

Read your Exim documentation:

|  Following the options there is a list of those addresses to which the
|  message is not to be delivered. This set of addresses is initialized
|  from the command line when the -t option is used and
|  extract_addresses_remove_arguments is set; otherwise it starts out
|  empty. Whenever a successful delivery is made, the address is added
|  to this set. The addresses are kept internally as a balanced binary
|  tree, and it is a representation of that tree which is written to the
|  spool file. If an address is expanded via an alias or forward file,
|  the original address is added to the tree when deliveries to all its
|  child addresses are complete. 
|  If the tree is empty, there is a single line in the spool file
|  containing just the text ?XX?. Otherwise, each line consists of two
|  letters, which are either Y or N, followed by an address. The address
|  is the value for the node of the tree, and the letters indicate
|  whether the node has a left branch and/or a right branch attached to
|  it, respectively. If branches exist, they immediately follow. Here is
|  an example of a three-node tree: 
|   YY darcy at austen.fict.example
|   NN alice at wonderland.fict.example
|   NN editor at thesaurus.ref.example

That has got nothing to do with Mailman.


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