[Mailman-Users] HTML in list descriptions

Adam Steer adam.steer at alia.org.au
Tue Feb 10 04:22:42 CET 2004

..on a HTML note here - has anyone done any serious hacking of the
'look and feel' of Mailman?

I've spent a few days crafting up a new web interface for an MM 2.0.x
install here [one that gives up valid HTML even], but it requires
modification of files that look likely to get over-written every time an
upgrade is made [htmlformat.py, htmlformatter.py, config.py,
defaults.py, lots of stuff in /cgi/, everything inside 'templates'].

Maybe it's time to do some more PHP/Python research and jump on the
bandwagon for a templating system that lives outside of MM's main Python
bits. Any suggestions/pointers/experiences would be appreciated!


>>> Jon Carnes <jonc at nc.rr.com> 10/02/2004 1:24:10 pm >>>
On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 17:18, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:
> Formerly we used 2.0.x, and we could use HTML in list descriptions.
> Now we have 2.1.4, and all HTML tags are displayed "literally", e.g.
> <LI>
> Bug or feature?

You can still used html but be wary of embedding one of the mega tags
(used by mailman to generate html).  The formating of the listinfo
has changed, so you will have to adapt to get your old look back...
it is possible.

Jon Carnes

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