[Mailman-Users] Mail<->News  gateways moderation question

Aaron Anderson aaron at housechurch.org
Tue Feb 10 07:57:33 CET 2004

>From the Mail<->News gateways settings:

"If the newsgroup is moderated, you can set this mailing list up to be 
the moderation address for the newsgroup. By selecting Moderated, an 
additional posting hold will be placed in the approval process. All 
messages posted to the mailing list will have to be approved before being 
sent on to the newsgroup, or to the mailing list membership. 

Note that if the message has an Approved header with the list's 
administrative password in it, this hold test will be bypassed, allowing 
privileged posters to send messages directly to the list and the 

Question: Exactly where/how do you put this Approved header and password 
so that it will appear in these approved messages, causing them to be 
posted on a moderated newsgroup?

thank you,

      Aaron Anderson

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