[Mailman-Users] Blank password problem

Bob Alexander bob at ngi.it
Wed Feb 11 17:47:14 CET 2004

Hello. First time install of mailman (2.1.4) on my Debian box with exim.

All seems to work fine but I have a couple of questions:

I have directed a small group of friends to the web page of my test list 
so that I can build some experience.

One of them just entered his email and then pressed ENTER.

Of course in this way he did not enter a PASSWORD (or his real name).

He did complete the registration confirmation process ok but when he 
tried to login into his profile he could not since he had no password ...

Can I fix this (like forcing a user to input a password in the web 
interface) ??

2) The emails come and go as wanted but I have no clue on how the 
archive works ... any help ?

Thank you very much for any help. Bob

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