[Mailman-Users] Re: Text Attachments

Mike Phillips mmlist at mikephillips.com
Fri Feb 13 15:56:25 CET 2004

As usual, my question is not clear. I'm referring to the tiny 200 byte 
or so footer that accompanies posts. I'm a newbie, so I don't know how 
to turn off footers, but I will try to learn how. Since MM is on my 
shared server, I wonder whether I have sufficient access to enable me 
to turn off footers.


> Mike Phillips wrote:
>  > This question has been discussed at length, but I don't know if 
>  > ever was a definitive answer. Is there a way to cause MM not to 
>  > the nuisance text attachments that accompany HTML posts to the 
>  > My server is 2.1.3.
>       Forget about how, and think about if it's a good idea.  I do 
not have 
> the negative opinion of html e-mail that some here have (although 
much of 
> it is over the top and annoying), but I do realize that some folks 
> read html e-mail, and at least a few CAN'T.  There are e-mail 
programs that 
> only do plain text, and there are some who choose a program for that 
> reason.  If you kill the text portion you exclude those users from 
you lists.
> <>< Paul
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