[Mailman-Users] Switching to MacOSX

David B. O'Donnell atropos at fates.org
Sun Feb 15 21:00:57 CET 2004

On Friday, 13 February 2004 9:54 PM -0600, Paul Kleeberg <paul at fpen.org> 

> I am currently using Mailman on Redhat 8.0 and to be honest it was a pain
> for me to get that to work with the redHat version of htDig which as it
> turns out was a beta version released as 3.2.  I am not looking to start a
> religious war but am considering switching to MacOSX Server from RedHat.
> My current hardware is on its last legs and RH8 is no longer supported.
> From the perspective of Mailman and htDig, am I making a mistake?  I think
> server comes with MM2.1.2  I doubt it comes with htDig.  I am marginally
> skilled with RH Linux and BSD.  Will be easier or more difficult to
> configure MM and htDig on the Mac than RH.  I run only a handful of lists
> that have 50 to 500 users.

Setting Mailman up on Mac OS X Server is a breeze. I wrote a couple of 
articles on it for AFP548.com, though if you have had success on RedHat you 
probably won't need them :)

Coincidentally, I upgraded my Server from 10.2 to 10.3 yesterday. Migrating 
mailman consisted of:

symlinking my original ~mailman directory to /var/mailman (My installation 
goes WAY back)
re-running check-perms -f a few times

After that, my existing lists popped up in Server Admin right off the bat. 
You still have access to configuration via the Web interface, which is 
HIGHLY recommended because their GUI is basically limited to making a new 
list and managing user subscriptions.

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