[Mailman-Users] Choose NoMail on sign up?

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Wed Feb 18 02:33:19 CET 2004

      I've been looking to see if I can add an option to the listinfo page 
that will allow a subscriber to choose NoMail when they sign up.

      In subscribe.py I see this:

     userdesc = UserDesc(email, fullname, password, digest, lang)
     mlist.AddMember(userdesc, remote)
     results = ''

      I assume I need to make a NoMail option to listinfo and subscribe.py, 
and add a variable for NoMail to UserDesc.py .  I find AddMember and 
ApprovedAddMember in MailList.py.  It looks like I need to use 
setMemberOption with "nomail" as the flag in ApprovedAddMember to set NoMail?

      Am I on the right track here?  Missing anything, or missing an easier 

      As for the "why would you want to do this" question - I have a good 
number of folks who read and post from the archives.

<>< Paul

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