[Mailman-Users] htdig integration broken after upgrade; htsearch exitstatus 127

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Wed Feb 18 09:37:59 CET 2004


The error is saying that when the MM/htdig integration's mmsearch 
script attempted to run Htdig's htsearch program as a subprocess, an 
exit status value of 127 was returned.

Exit status 127 is conventionally/often/sometimes returned to indicate 
"command not found".

A possible cause of this is that the value of the HTDIG_HTSEARCH_PATH 
variable in $prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py is not the correct file system 
path to Htdig's htsearch program. Certainly this misconfiguration 
produces that exit status on my systems. Suggest you check that and let 
me know if that might be the cause of your problem or not.


btw: The -12- is just a marker that identifies where in the 
$prefix/Mailman/cron/mmsearch script the problem is being identified; 
you can look in that file and search for -12- to see what I mean.

On Wed Feb 18 02:12:26 EST 2004 michael dunston said:

I recently upgraded a 2.1.2 install to 2.1.4 (along with
htdig-2.1.4-0.1.patch and indexing-2.1.4-0.1.patch) and now
htdig/archive searches are failing for the following error:

     htdig Archives Access Failure
     search failed -12-

in addtion, logs/error shows:

     htsearch for list: <list_name>, existatus: 127
     htsearch for list: <list_name>, cause: htsearch, detail: -12-

I have run bin/blow_away_htdig (and with -c) followed by test messages,
bin/arch --wipe and cron/nightly_htdig -v and although the index is
apparently being built the search still fails.

bin/check_perms -f doesnt indicate any problems, the symlinks for the
archives/htdig/<list_name>.conf files appear okay and
archives/private/<list_name>/htdig/ does contain the
rundig_last_run file and db.* files with correct modification dates.

Does anyone know what the htsearch 'existatus: 127' or 'detail: -12-'
means here or where else I might look to solve this?  Thanks in advance
for any suggestions.

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