[Mailman-Users] Mailman not sending out emails.

Steve Tashima stashima at mailosx.central.k12.ca.us
Thu Feb 12 19:55:56 CET 2004


I work for a school district in CA and we recently installed an Apple 
X-Serve with Panther Server 10.3.   An Apple System Engineer install it 
for us.  The mail is moving in and out fine, but when I try to create a 
Mailing List account it doesn't seem to work.  One problem we seem to 
be having is that Mailing Lists does not automatically become enable 
when we check the "Enable Mailing Lists" checkbox and "save."  We 
usually have to restart the server to enable.  Is this something you've 
seen?  From the client station when I send an e-mail to a mailing list 
account , like Mailman, it goes out but doesn't appear in any of the 
mailing lists assigned users.  Have you seen anything like this?  We'd 
appreciate any help you might offer.  Thank you for your help and 

Steve Tashima
Central Union School District
Lemoore, CA 

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