[Mailman-Users] mailman national support

Istvan Kollar kollar at mit.bme.hu
Fri Feb 13 11:11:20 CET 2004


I am very happy to use mailman. Especially to see that lately
the Hungarian support was introduced.
I have switched to Hungarian for the sake of some list members.

However, with this, I have two problems.

In Hungarian, we have two forms to address the other one.
The youth and the familiy members say "te" (thou) to each other,
with related forms in the sentences, while unknown people say Ön (you)
to each other. The former form is rather unpolite when addressing an 
not young person.

The Hungarian sentences are currently all in the first form. I have had 
bad moments explaining
to list members why this is so... I would be happy to contribute in 
each expression in the other way. We could even have two selectable 
Hungarian options:
  Hungarian (Te)
  Hungarian (Ön)

Moreover, the present Hungarian sentences are partly wrong, or unfinished.
A series of corrections are necessary. Is there anybody who maintains 
tese texts?

Best regards

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