[Mailman-Users] Features

Graham Moseley manager.ict at fsb.org.uk
Thu Feb 19 11:42:29 CET 2004


I'm new to this list and need to find out whether mailman is suitable for
our needs.

We want to introduce a mailing system into our organisation which consists
of approximately 200,000 members. Can anyone confirm that mailman will be
capable of the following


1. Provide both one-way lists and broadcast lists with optional digests and
subscribe/unsubscribe - with flexible -per-list moderation control.

2. Programmable mailout control with programmable delays and scheduling

3. List import/export by text file and database with the ability to link to
a variety of databases

4. Simple, remote access for moderators to add/remove/hold/modify users

5. Substitution to allow user info to be inserted into the lists

6. HTML and plain emails

7. Ability to handle unlimited lists of unlimited size

8. Straight forward pop3 in and smtp (with authentication option) out


Most importantly it needs a simple to use interface and the scheduling must
not be done by command-line or multiple copies of program, but in the


Thanks for any help



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