[Mailman-Users] Technical questions?

Brian Haines mylists at oneparkplace.com
Thu Feb 19 15:30:39 CET 2004

I am new to Mailman and managing mailing lists. I have a dedicated server
with a large announcement list and we are using Mailman 2.1.4 and Python
2.3.3. with Sendmail 8.11.6 as the MTA.

The list is installed into the /usr/local/ directory

I have questions like...

If I needed to stop a message because I have an important announcement to
make but a previous announcement (less important) is being sent - how would
I do this? I have secure shell access and I run "service mailman stop" but a
couple of processes still keep going and even when I kill -9 these, sendmail
is still pumping away and I can't just start Mailman and send because the
whole things just picks the original list back up and goes to work.

Where are the messages? In the above scenario I have removed all the files
in the directories under /qfiles and under /locks but the list keeps going.

We sometimes have several announcements a day to several groups (lists) of
people, but a list of 50,000 takes all day to run. I can't send anything to
any other group (list) while that is going - It just gets queued behind the
first and delivered late (next day).

I have had these questions for weeks and have not asked them here because
they seem technical rather than user related, but I am it. This whole ball
has fallen on my lap and I can't imagine that I need a separate server for
each list? That is crazy, no?

It seems kind of odd to me that there is no documentation referencing these
questions and searches in the list archives come up with no related items
pages deep into the results. I must be missing something.

Is there any document that describes what each of the folders in the
distribution is?

I would really like to know how I can just put an end to all Mailman
activity (including bounce handling) and have it not pick back up when
restarted, so I can get out something urgent.

Thanks for any and all help in advance. I will contribute my findings to the
list for the archives in the event that I am not the only moron with these



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