[Mailman-Users] Re: Problem related to Hotmail

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Thu Feb 19 19:06:32 CET 2004

Nick vd Kloor wrote:
>since a month now our company is using Mailman 2.1.4. Our
>membersdatabase is for 60% filled by Hotmail users.
>Now we noticed that none of these hotmailusers receive our mailings.
>So I tested it with another mailman database with only 2 hotmail users
>which I copied from our main database. When I then
>send an email, they do receive it. After searching the net for a
>solution I only read that it is the Hotmail spooler that blocks and
>discards mails when it receives mail in a large number. Is this true?
>Is there a way to bypass this? Like a delay between the mails that are
>being sent?

      One issue is the Hotmail spam filters.  There is a post in the 
archives by me that covers this.  You could get around this by setting 
partial personalization.  I've got one 5000 person list that runs this way, 
and the CPU hit is not extreme.  As for a cut off number, I have one list 
without personalization that currently sends to 62 Hotmail addresses 
without a problem.  So setting your chunk size to 60 should also take care 
of it.

<>< Paul

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