[Mailman-Users] Re: Question on forwarded admin requests.

Al Black alblack at achilles.net
Sat Feb 21 05:17:34 CET 2004

At 01:18 PM 2/20/2004 -0600, Paul H Byerly wrote:

>      So, could the same system be tweaked to reject any mail sent with 
> "Re: <listname> Digest" in the subject?  This is a feature on another 
> list I am on, and I'd really like to add it to my system.

There's a couple of way you can sort of do this now, fiddling  Max message 
size/Digest size options, and the taboo header options in 2.1.4.

A more elegant solution would be to put to alter the X-BeenThere: 
<listname> to X-BeenThere: <listname> --Digest version for list members 
with the digest version.  On the notion that many mailers would preseserve 
the X-BeenThere, it could be filtered for with the taboo header filters.

Has any of you written a hack of this?  I have no idea how to go about this.


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