[Mailman-Users] approving by e-mail moderated messages and subscriptions

Rod Neep rkpn at british-genealogy.com
Mon Feb 23 06:23:14 CET 2004

In message <40362CEC.7020606 at ideafutura.com>, Marco Prandini 
<prandini at ideafutura.com> writes
>Hello list,
>I just started configuring some lists under Mailman and I'm not able to find a
>couple of configuration options I need. I browsed the docs with no luck.
>I'd like to administer the lists entirely by e-mail, and in particular I need
>to be able to confirm posts to a moderate list and to approve (un)subscription
>However, when I try a subscription the owner receives a message telling him to
>go to the admin URL in order to approve it... no hints about how to do it by
>e-mail whatsoever...
>Could you help me?

Actually, it also tells the new user that s/he can simply reply to the 
message "leaving the header intact" and it will be confirmed.

The "problem" is that may novice users will post a message back with a 
new subject line with the wording "Header Intact".

I just tell folks.... "when you receive the message asking for 
confirmation, just reply to it.... don't delete anything, don't change 
anything! Just post it straight back as a reply"

and that works.


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